I was deputy editor of the print magazine and editorial director of For the magazine I brought in the Dalai Lama and Gloria Steinem as contributors, launched a practical service series with stories on how to get your driver’s license, edited the CoverGirl Volunteerism Awards, top-edited, and wrote cover stories and features.

I also worked on the Seventeen product lines, including collaborations with Target and Kmart. I helped develop Seventeen’s first (8-bit!) phone game. If this sounds like a lot, it was. During my time I was at Seventeen, which wasn’t that long, we had five editors in chief. I was the only deputy editor and there was no executive editor. I had to cover a lot of bases. It was also my first print magazine job! Absolutely nuts.

This Kelly Osbourne cover was for a special double issue that Laura Morgan, the entertainment editor, cooked up. The front was Kelly Clarkson and the back was Kelly Osborne. I did both the interviews, and YES I sat in the Osbourne living room and had tea with Sharon and Ozzie.

screenshot from a website. It says "The Seventeen Cover Creator!" and explains how to use the app--upload a photo, write the coverlines, etc. On the right is a user-made cover with a young woman on the cover of Seventeen magazine.

For the site, I created new interactive destinations including the Seventeen Cover Generator, where girls could upload their own photos and write their own coverlines, and the Seventeen Locker, where they could save all of their quiz results (quizzes were h-u-g-e) and share them with friends.