Ok, this is 100% here as a brag. I think I am the only person who has ever written for SkyMall.

They had decided they wanted to publish original content alongside their legendary shopping pages, and asked me to interview Wendie Malick and George Segal, the stars of Just Shoot Me. (The conceit was that Segal’s character on the show is a gadget freak, so he would be into SkyMall’s offerings.) Obviously I said yes instantly!

Insider information: They shoot a different cover for every airline. This means that there were twelve setups in the studio, and I got to see many iconic products including the dragon goblets and the massage chair, which was incredible.

Malick and Segal were charming, and I was paid well and on time. They also sent me a sweet little box of magazines with every single variation on the cover. But I don’t think SkyMall ever did anything like this again. I can see why—sitcom celebrities didn’t thread the needle for audience connection. SkyMall, if you ever want to try again, call me, I have so many ideas.