Water Week

Mni Wičoni

For Teen Vogue, I created “Water Week,” a week-long program that brought high-profile writers and thinkers like Sarah Kendzior and LaDonna Allard to the site and featured an online screening of “Water and Power: A California Heist,” a new National Geographic documentary by Marina Zenovich.

Through profiles, comics, and essays, we explored the ways that water intersects with issues young people care about, like climate change, reproductive rights, racial equality, social justice, and personal health. Thank you to Phillip Picardi for the opportunity and to Ella Ceron for production help.

Above, Little Miss Flint shows what it’s like to make dinner when your water contains poison. Below, links to some of the other content.

Why we should fear environmental destruction under Trump, by Sarah Kendzior

What I did when I found out there was lead in my high school’s water, by Bronwen Brenner

LaDonna Allard on 7th generation activists, interview by me

How environmental racism affects global warming, by Kari Fulton

At Standing Rock, water is a reproductive right, by Aura Bogado

(I think TV might have changed their layout, because a lot of it looks terrible, my apologies.)

Here’s an excerpt of the comic about college student Nicole Hill, fighting to get her water turned back on in Detroit, by Anne Elizabeth Moore and Melissa Mendes.