Acuvue: Point Dune

This might be my favorite thing I ever did? For Acuvue, I created a teen soap opera set in the fictional town of Point Dune. We ran online for two series.

Acuvue’s goal was to increase brand awareness with teens and give them talking points and information about contact lenses. We delivered a 39% CTR as well as a compelling, interactive narrative.

The main characters were Sylvia, Juliette, Kim, Kaia, and Felicia. I wrote everything, including their emails, poetry, diary entries, and moreā€”the content was all available for website visitors to click on and interact with.

Sadly, the content is all lost to the sands of time, but I did find a flyer for a poetry slam and part of Sylvia’s winning poem, as well as a mock-up of Juliette’s zine. Forever grateful to Ingrid Eberly for bringing me in to do this project.