Over 29 million views

I was the creative lead for #SeeHerStories, a weekly video series about incredible women via a partnership between Katie Couric Media, People magazine, and the SeeHer agency. They were distributed across multiple platforms, including PeopleTV, and have garnered over 29 million views and 1600 million social impressions to date.

I researched and pitched the lineup, sourced and cleared the visuals, then wrote and storyboarded a script for Katie and our incredible animator and editor, Leese Katsnelson. Sharing the story of Fannie Lou Hamer was especially meaningful. Emily Mahaney, who produced the series, was an incredible leader and collaborator; we had tight deadlines but it was never stressful.

The series ran for two seasons and included episodes on Sylvia Earle, Shirley Chisholm, Wilma Mankiller, Judy Heumann, Kathryn Sullivan, and Ruby Bridges. There were a couple of other writers, but I did about 85% of the episodes.

I want to note that I struggled with the proprietary aspect of putting Hamer’s image on the home page to click on, and I welcome feedback. On this page you can see the video in context, but on the home page I’m not sure about having a logo next to her. On the other hand if there isn’t a logo or something explaining why she is there, it feels dishonest. This is where I landed.