Freak Show

“Widely hailed as the best CD-ROM ever.”—Wired

Freak Show, the rock opera by the elusive and phenomenal band The Residents, has appeared in many formats, including an an album, a concert, a comic book, this game, a spinoff album album and game, and several anniversary editions combining these elements.

Using the then-new Macromedia Director program and the genius of artist Jim Ludtke, we made something to appeal to gamers and fans of art-rock. Freak Show careens through the fairgrounds, allowing the user to interact with characters like Wanda the Worm and Harry the Head. If you’re lucky (or crafty), you’ll get to go behind the curtain their personal stories, told through movies, graphic novels, photographs, and songs.

The video above is a 45-minute walkthrough of the game. It was named “Best Animated CD-ROM” by the International Animated Film Society.