The first time you could play a movie on your home computer

the cover of a cd-rom package. It has black and white photos of the Beatles and it says "A Hard Day's Night"

Working with programmer Colin Holgate, I produced “The Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night,” a CD-ROM that allowed users to watch a full-length movie on their PC for the first time. The project was for the Voyager Company, which at the time was part of the Criterion Collection.

The window was small, and the frame rate was even smaller, but it’s hard to get across the impact this project had on the tech and cultural landscapes. A movie! On a computer!! You don’t know how good you have it now!

Roger Ebert interviewed me. People told me they’d bought a computer because they wanted to see it. I signed autographs in Japan.

You could watch the movie, read the script while the movie played so you could see all the improv the Beatles did, an interview with director Richard Lester, some of Lester’s short films, an essay by Bruce Elder, and extensive biographies of key cast and crew members.

Here is a promo video that, in true AHDN fashion, insists on playing in this tiny window! Enjoy the retro vibes or click through to see it on Bob Stein’s page. Bob and Aleen Stein were the founders of Voyager and we are all still benefiting from their vision.